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How to Print a To-Do list in Outlook (Outlook 2016)

After you sorted one of your Outlook folders (ex: “1-Actions to Complete” folder), you can print in “Table style”, to have a hard copy print out of the list of e-mails in the folder, sorted by priority. See additional tutorials on “How…
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How to Open Outlook Calendar/Contacts in a New Window (Outlook 2016)

Tired of clicking on the navigation buttons every time you want to switch between your Inbox and Calendar? Right-click on any of the Navigation buttons and choose “Open in a New Window”, and you can keep your Calendar or Contacts…
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How to Change Default Reminder Time in Calendar for Appointments (Outlook 2016)

Outlook sets a reminder time for all appointments by default.  You can turn the reminders off, or change the default reminder time setting.
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How to Schedule Meeting Request in Outlook Calendar (Outlook 2016)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a Meeting Request, check attendees’ availability, and schedule a recurring appointment.
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