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How to Set up Color Coding Using Categories (Outlook 2016)

Use categories and their corresponding colors to recognize specific appointment types on your calendar at a glance. Recommended minimum categories/colors: Boulders- Red (must do tasks & projects) Rocks– Yellow (Actions you do to keep things running) Sand–default color (non-crucial:  ex:…
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How to Send Your Calendar Availability by e-mail (Outlook 2016)

If you are trying to set up an appointment with another individual, you can quickly send an e-mail that will show your calendar availability/schedule.  This can make it much easier to coordinate an appointment with others.  
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How to Drag and Copy an e-mail Onto Your Calendar As Appointment (Outlook 2016)

You can drag an email onto your calendar to create an appointment.  This will allow you to set a reminder to follow-up on the e-mail.  
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How to Add Another Time Zone to Calendar (Outlook 2016)

You can add a second time zone to your calendar to help you schedule appointments with people in other parts of the country.  For example, if your office is located in California, and you work with a customer that is…
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How to Use smaller time increments (Outlook 2016)

If you find that you are scheduling more meetings, and meetings of a shorter length (i.e. 15 minutes), you may want to change the time increments used in your calendar.  This will allow you to see all the meetings on…
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