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How to Schedule Meeting Request in Outlook Calendar (Outlook 2016)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a Meeting Request, check attendees’ availability, and schedule a recurring appointment.
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How to Set up Color Coding Using Categories (Outlook 2016)

Use categories and their corresponding colors to recognize specific appointment types on your calendar at a glance. Recommended minimum categories/colors: Boulders- Red (must do tasks & projects) Rocks– Yellow (Actions you do to keep things running) Sand–default color (non-crucial:  ex:…
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How to Send Your Calendar Availability by e-mail (Outlook 2016)

If you are trying to set up an appointment with another individual, you can quickly send an e-mail that will show your calendar availability/schedule.  This can make it much easier to coordinate an appointment with others. vcex_button url=”” title=”Download Tutorial…
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