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Joe Shay, Market Vice President, The CORE Group, Southeast Division

“The money and time that I invested with Steve Turner has provided a greater return than any other training I have done in my 30 year sales career.  The key difference in this training is the one-on-one sessions with Steve. Not only is my inbox empty and Outlook organized, but my desk is staying clean as well.  We train virtually all our employees with TurnerTime.”

Joe Shay

Bob Callahan, Executive Director at SENQCIA

“I met Steve Turner through an industry association seminar he was leading. The information he imparted was so informed and relevant, I engaged him to put on a similar session for our sales management team. Steve was so effective that he is now providing one-on-one coaching for each of our sales management team members along with other senior managers of our organization. . Steve’s team is also working with us on some online reporting and survey tools. I would highly recommend Steve and the team at Turner Time Management and have experienced firsthand the impact he can have on your...read more

Bob Callahan

Art Michaels, Foodservice Vice President Sales & Business, Smithfield Foods

"I hired Steve to present time management and organizational skills utilizing Outlook at my national sales meeting. His presentation showed my team how to better manage their inbox and prioritize projects. My team understood the concept and was able to walk away with better skills but “where the rubber met the road” was the "one on one"meetings with Steve. I was the first person to sign up for the sessions and one by one my team signed up and was amazed at how easy they could shave hours a week off time spent on emails.  I would highly recommend Steve...read more

Art Michaels