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Save 1-2 hours per workday. More Success with Less Stress.

We do the hard work for you! Our training and coaching will simplify and
optimize the software/apps you already use, plus leverage Generative AI.


  • Simplifies and optimizes the software/apps you already use.
  • Optimizes your Computer, smartphone, and/or tablet for efficiency.
  • Save 1-2 hours each workday plus greater focus and fewer distractions.
  • More success. Less Stress.

Watch the video to learn more about our process.


Chris Miller, President at Pacific Utilities

I cannot speak more highly how valuable Steve’s education was for my team.  Steve teaches the “nuts and bolts” of tricks and tips for many Microsoft products, cell phone integration, and how to help your team be even more efficient with their time and activities daily. Please talk with Steve, I know you will be happy that you did.

Justin Gaines, Cooler WH Shift Manager at Dot Foods, Inc.

Thanks for the training, it has been a big help in staying on top of emails and staying organized. I appreciate it. Justin Gaines Cooler WH Shift Manager Dot Foods, Inc.

Wayne Benson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Reliable Fire & Security

Steve's coaching was phenomenal. He had so many easy tips that have helped me organize my time and help me get more out of every day. He also taught me some great ways to get more out of 365. Well worth it to take his class.

Listen to Gary’s Podcast.

“When you showed me that you could save the average employee about an hour a day, just managing their Email and other work of their Email, I thought take an hour a day by every employee in the company. That’s probably going to be the most impactful thing we can do right for continuous improvement.”
Gary Kaplan
President Construction
AXA XL, a division of AXA

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