How To Create And Use Folders For Apps On Home Screen Of Android Phone/Tablet

How to Create and Use Folders for Apps on Home Screen of Android Phone/Tablet

If you use folders to hold more than one app icon, it will save you space on the home screen of your Android smart phone or tablet. This process is shown on the Samsung Galaxy J7 running Android Operating system…
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How To Send/Share A Contact As A VCard Via E-mail Or Text Message

How to Send/Share a Contact as a vCard via e-mail or Text Message

You can easily send Contact information via e-mail or Text Message as a vCard. This will allow the recipient to add the contact information to their contact file in Outlook (or other email program), or on their smart phone or tablet quickly.
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How To Change The Default Alert Times For Calendar Events (iPhone/iPad)

How to Change the Default Alert Times for Calendar Events (iPhone/iPad)

When you have an appointment/meeting on your iPhone/iPad calendar, you will receive an alert prior to the event (different types of events have different reminder times). You can set each of the alerts to a time increment of your choosing.
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