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How to turn off “People Pane” (Outlook 2013/2016)

In Outlook 2013, if you use the “Reading Pane” to get a better view of e-mails in your Inbox, you will see the “People Pane”. You can also find the “People Pane” at the bottom of an open e-mail. It contains information about the person who sent you the e-mail. This can easily be turned off so that you can reclaim that lost real estate in an email.
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How to Set “Replies” and “Forwards” to always open in Full Screen (Outlook 2013)

By default, if you are reading an e-mail in your Inbox (or other folder), and you hit “Reply” or “Forward”, it will display in the “Reading Pane” instead of a new window. You have to click “Pop Out” to open in a new window. This can be changed so the “Replies” and “Forwards” open in their own window.
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How to Boot to Desktop Instead of “Start Screen” (Windows 8.1)

Most of us are used to working from our “Desktop” instead of the new Windows 8.1 “Start Screen”. You can change one setting to have the Desktop be the first thing you see when you turn on your computer.
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How to Change Default “File As” In Contacts (Outlook 2010)

By default, when you create a new Contact in outlook, it will be filed Last name, “First name, Last name”. Some prefer to file their contacts by first name. If this setting is not the same in all of your contacts, it can make it difficult to search for, and find, a specific contact. This setting can be changed in Outlook.
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