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How to Change Default “File As” In Contacts (Outlook 2010)

By default, when you create a new Contact in outlook, it will be filed Last name, “First name, Last name”. Some prefer to file their contacts by first name. If this setting is not the same in all of your contacts, it can make it difficult to search for, and find, a specific contact. This setting can be changed in Outlook.
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How to Convert Number to Round Up and Display Two Decimal Places (Excel 2010)

There may be times when a number (or result of a calculation) has more than two decimal places. You can tell excel to display only 2 decimal places, but the full number with all the decimal places will be displayed when you click on an individual cell. There is a way to get the worksheet to convert the number to 2 decimal places and round up.
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How to Set up and Use Color Coded Categories for Calendar (Outlook 2013)

Utilizing color coding for appointments in your calendar will allow you to see your priorities and important appointments at a glance. Recommended minimum categories/colors: Boulders-Dark Orange (must do tasks & projects) Rocks–Yellow (Things you do to keep things running) Sand–default color (quick & easy, non-crucial: ex: Sub categorizing Sent e-mails, etc.)
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How to Add an Additional Time Zone to Calendar in Outlook (Outlook 2013)

Adding an additional time zone in Outlook can be extremely helpful if you are working on a project for a customer who is located in a different time zone.
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