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How to Turn Off Duplicate Alerts For Text Messages (iPhone/iPad iOS 11)

By default, when you receive a text message and don’t respond promptly, you will receive a duplicate alert for the message. This can be changed in settings.
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How to Change the Default e-mail Account (iPhone/iPad iOS 11)

If you have multiple e-mail accounts set up on your iPhone (iPad), you can set a “Default” account. This means that when you create a new message, it will send from the default account. When you Reply to or Forward a message,…
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How to Add Dual Clock Widget to Home Screen Android Phone/Tablet

You may want to see two time zones displayed on your Android phone, You can easily add a widget to the Home Screen and select two time zones to be displayed.
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How to Determine What Version of iOS is on iPhone and Update

You may need to know what version of software or iOS is running on your iPad. You can determine the iOS version and if you need to update it by checking in Settings. This process is shown on iPhone 6s…
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