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How to Create an Appointment in Outlook Calendar (Outlook 2013/2016)

There are several things to consider when creating an Appointment in your Outlook calendar. All-day event vs. individual time slot, free vs. busy, setting reminders and recurrence information. You can even insert your e-mail signature in the “Insert” tab.    
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How to Re-send Meeting Request to Non-responders (Outlook 2013/2016)

When you send out a meeting request to a group of people, there is always the chance that some of the recipients will not respond.  You can quickly re-send the meeting request to those who have not responded.  
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How to Drag and Copy of e-mail Message to Calendar as Appointment (Outlook 2016)

You can drag an email onto your calendar to create an appointment. This will allow you to set a reminder to follow-up on the e-mail.
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How to Add an Additional Time Zone to Calendar in Outlook (Outlook 2016)

Adding an additional time zone in Outlook can be extremely helpful if you are working on a project for a customer who is located in a different time zone.
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