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How To Use Auto Correct For Frequently Used Text (Outlook 2016)

How to Use Auto Correct for Frequently Used Text (Outlook 2016)

Using “Auto Correct” for frequently used text, will help you save time when composing e-mail messages.  You must first add “Auto Correct Options” to your Quick Access Toolbar in order to access “Auto Correct”  
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How to Save Multiple e-mail Attachments at Once (Outlook 2013)

When you receive an e-mail with multiple attachments, you can save all the attachments at one time. The attachments will be saved in the location of your choice, using the same file names. This can be a great time saver.…
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How to Save e-mail Message in “Documents” Folder (Outlook 2010)

You can save e-mails in your “Documents” (or “My Documents”) folder instead of taking up valuable space in Outlook. The less you store in Outlook, the more efficient it runs. This process works the same in Outlook 2010 and Outlook…
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How to Save Un-sent e-mails to Inbox Instead of ‘Drafts’ (Outlook 2013)

You can change where Outlook saves drafts of your unsent e-mail messages. By default Outlook will save the messages in the ‘Drafts’ folder. For me its “out of sight, out of mind”, and I frequently forget I have saved a…
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