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How To Turn On Spell Check to Check Spelling Before Sending (Outlook 2013)

It is important to spell check all e-mails before you send them. You want to make sure simple typos and frequently misspelled words are discovered and corrected before sending an email. In Outlook 2013 any misspelled words will be underlined but it will NOT stop you from sending the e-mail with spelling mistakes.
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How to Create a new column called ‘Order’ in your ‘1-Actions to Complete’ folder’ (Outlook 2013)

In order to prioritize e-mails in your “Actions to Complete” folder, you can add a column, insert a priority number for each e-mail, and then sort the folder by priority.
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How to Send Calendar Availability via e-mail Message (Outlook 2013)

If you need to set up a meeting with others, it is beneficial if you can give them an overview of your availability. It's easily done in an e-mail message in Outlook 2013.
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