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Webinar – Increasing Sales using your Calendar

Selling first virtually requires additional skills with your calendar management.
Join Steve Turner of Turner Time Management and John Mitchell, President of Repfabric for a discussion of how to get more virtual appointments to grow sales.

IN THIS SESSION, Steve Turner will show you how you can use your calendar even more effectively to be more organized, save time and ultimately close more sales

• Using electronic calendar to set time for calls, webinars, etc.
• How to use Microsoft Bookings provide your customers/prospects 24/7 access to the availability you set
• Sending your calendar availability by e-mail – and how to use it to close the sale
• Why your Subject line and Meeting Agenda are CRITICAL to your Sales Success
• How to use your calendar to start and end your business days more effectively
• Use smaller time increments to become more efficient
• How and Why to add additional time zones to your calendar
• Dragging and Copying e-mail(s)* onto your calendar as an appointment
• Creating an appointment from an e-mail message with “Meeting” button
• Color Coding appointments
• Viewing multiple non-sequential dates on your calendar


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