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How to Determine Memory Usage and Cellular Usage (iPhone/iPad iOS 8)

If you have a lot of applications and save a lot of pictures to your iPhone/iPad, you may have a need to keep an eye on the memory usage. When a major iOS update is available you may need to…
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Disable ‘Aero Snap’ and ‘Aero Shake’ in Windows 7

Aero Snap lets you resize a window by dragging it to the edge of the screen.  Aero Shake allows you to minimize all other windows by shaking an open window.  These features may be useful to some and a problem…
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Use ‘Print Screen’ to Capture Dialog Box ONLY

You may use the “Print Screen” function to capture images and insert them in publications, e-mails, presentations, etc.  By adding one key when you capture the image you can restrict the capture to the dialog box only vs. capturing the entire…
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How to Stop Accidentally Moving Outlook Folders (Windows 7)

It is very easy to accidentally drag and drop items into a new location without realizing it (i.e. an e-mail folder in Outlook). If you turn on the ‘ClickLock’ feature on your mouse it can help eliminate any accidental errors.…
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