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How to Turn On the ‘Navigation Pane’ in File Explorer (Windows 8.1)

The navigation pane will show you the list of drives and folders you have on your computer and any external drives you may have connected. It can also show your “cloud” storage folders (i.e. DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.).
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How to Create a Keyboard Shortcut for Frequently used Programs (Windows 8.1)

Navigating in Windows 8.1 can be a challenge when you first start using it. To make opening the programs you use most easier, you can create a keyboard shortcut to the program. This can also be a time saver if you are at ease navigating Windows 8.1.
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Becoming Familiar with the Ribbon In File Explorer (Windows 8)

In the new “File Explorer” (previously called “Windows Explorer), where you view the list of files/folders on your computer, there is now a “Ribbon” filled with commands just like the Office Programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.). Each section of the Ribbon is divided into Tabs. The Tabs will change depending on what is selected in File Explorer. For example, when you click on “Documents” under “Library”, the “Library Tools” tab will become available.
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How to Change how File and Folders are displayed in File Explorer (Windows 8)

In Windows 8 “Windows Explorer” (where you view the list of files on your computer) is now called “File Explorer” and it looks a little different. When you open your folders in “Documents” and then you open a sub folder/location, the view may be different. Standardize the “View Type” (or Layout). We recommend you choose a view that you are most comfortable with (most people prefer details or icons). The “Detail” view will allow you to see more folders on one page than other available views.
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