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How to Create and Use “Waiting for Answer” Rule (Outlook 2016)

If you would like to keep track of e-mails you send that you are waiting for an answer on, you can create a rule in Outlook. This rule will allow you to assign a category to the e-mail before you send…
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How to Create a new column called “Order” in your ‘’1-Actions to Complete’ folder: (Outlook 2016)

In order to prioritize e-mails in your “Actions to Complete” folder, you can add a column, insert a priority number for each e-mail, and then sort the folder by priority.
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How to Add “Due Date” Column to an email Folder (Outlook 2016)

Keep track of important tasks and deadlines using this new column.  NOTE:  You will have to add the column in each folder separately,  i.e. #1, Inbox, Waiting for Answer, etc.).  Also, this does NOT automatically put any e-mail on your…
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How to Edit e-mail Messages, Grouping for Consolidation Purposes (Outlook 2016)

Editing messages in Outlook can help you stay organized by grouping messages or making changes to an existing message. This process is shown using Outlook 2016.
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How to Save a group of e-mails with/without Attachments in ‘Documents’ (Outlook 2016 shown in Windows 10)

Sometimes it is necessary to save an e-mail or group of e-mails so that you have them if you need them in the future. You can store these e-mails in your ‘Documents’ folder and free up much needed space in Outlook. You…
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