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How to Record and Use a Simple Macro (Excel 2013/2016)

A Macro is just a recording of keystrokes. It can be used for an unlimited amount of tasks. The best thing to remember when recording is the shorter the better. You will want to record smaller Macros that can be used in…
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How to Force Text to Appear on a New Line Within a Cell (Excel)

When typing text into a cell in Excel you may have reason to start a new line. There is a keyboard shortcut to force the text on the next line in Excel. You can also separate existing text but putting the cursor…
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How to Add Signature to e-mail when sending a File (Outlook/Office 2016)

If you send a document (or other file type) via e-mail directly from a program (Word, Excel, etc.) Outlook will automatically open a new e-mail with the document attached. Even if you have Auto-Signature turned on, the new e-mail will…
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