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How To Force Text To Appear On A New Line Within A Cell (Excel)

How to Force Text to Appear on a New Line Within a Cell (Excel)

When typing text into a cell in Excel you may have reason to start a new line. There is a keyboard shortcut to force the text on the next line in Excel. You can also separate existing text but putting cursor in…
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How To Use Index/Match Instead Of Vlookup (Excel 2016)

How to Use Index/Match Instead of Vlookup (Excel 2016)

Using Vlookup is a great tool, however if you add columns to your original table of data, you will have to create a new Vlookup formula. If you use Index/Match, you can add or remove columns without having to create…
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How To Add Signature To E-mail When Sending A File (Outlook/Office 2016)

How to Add Signature to e-mail when sending a File (Outlook/Office 2016)

If you send a document (or other file type) via e-mail directly from a program (Word, Excel, etc.) Outlook will automatically open a new e-mail with the document attached. Even if you have Auto-Signature turned on, the new e-mail will…
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