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How to Turn the Document Ruler On/Off In Microsoft Word (Word)

When you use Microsoft Word, you may notice the page ruler is turned off. It’s easy to turn on or off if you know where the buttons are located. This process shown in Microsoft Word 2010, but works the same in most versions of Microsoft Word (2007, 2013)
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How to Remove ‘Paste Options’ Button in Outlook (2010)

When you paste something in an e-mail message, a "Paste Options" button always appears. If you don't use this button, you can easily remove it. This process shown in Outlook 2010, but works the same in Outlook 2013.
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How to Shrink or Enlarge Image in a Presentation (PowerPoint 2010)

There are different ways to shrink or enlarge images you have inserted in a PowerPoint presentation. This video will show you two different ways. This process is shown in PowerPoint 2010, but works in PowerPoint 2013 and 2007 as well.
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