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How to Create a New Contact Folder in Outlook (Outlook 2013)

You may want to create a new Contact Folder for a number of reasons. One reason would be to keep some contacts separate. In this example I am going to import a list of old contacts and I only want to mail to them one time. Then I am going to delete the list because all my contacts sync with my smart phone and I don’t want the additional 200 names to be in my smart phone.
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How to Bring Back the Ribbon in Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2013)

When you open an Office 2013 program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher), the Ribbon is hidden from view until you left click on one of the tabs. You can turn the Ribbon "on" so that you can see all of the commands all of the time. This process is the same in all the Office 2013 programs.
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How to Turn Off “Start” Screen and Open Directly in a Document in Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

In Office 2013, when you open a program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), you see a new "Start" screen instead of a blank document. You can change a setting to have Office 2013 open like it used to, directly in a blank document, workbook or presentation.
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How to Change Default Font and Justification in a Document (Word 2013)

By default the font in Word 2013 is Calibri 11, you may not want to use that font as your default. Some may also notice when you start a document the cursor starts in the top CENTER of the document. You may want to start your text on the top left of the document most times. These settings can be changed so that every new document you open uses the font and left justify.
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How to Change Default Line Spacing in a Document (Word 2013)

By default the line spacing in Word 2013 is NOT single spaced, it is set to 1.15. This can be changed to a new default so that every document you open in the future retains the spacing you select.
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