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How Microsoft Teams Training and Coaching Will Help Your Team for Better Collaboration

Why it is important for you and your team members to get Teams training/coaching?

Microsoft Teams was launched on March 14, 2017. However, it became famous among the businesses and workforce in the year 2020 around the world with the Pandemic Covid-19 when most of the people started working remotely.

Its free version is also available with some limitations and if you are a Microsoft 365 paid user, it is included in the subscription with several other apps like Microsoft Bookings and Power Automate, etc.


The main competitor has been Zoom because people found it easy to use and free with limited features. It was leading due to several features. However, Microsoft was continuously working on updating it to give a better experience to the users and now we can say Microsoft Teams is much better than Zoom due to several reasons.

Teams is a great platform for companies and teams to collaborate on file sharing and information. It is leading due to its several features and useful apps that work in Teams. Microsoft Teams is a great platform as it gives you the ability to perform a number of tasks without the need of leaving your Teams app. Even you don’t need to go to the web browser and you can use the web within your Teams app. Due to regular updates and new features, most of the users don’t know how much and what they can do other than just having regular meetings.

Turner Time Management is specialized in Microsoft products and helps business executives and salespeople save 1-2 hours each workday simply by using Microsoft products collaboratively and effectively. It has a number of training and coaching options (mentioned below) that can help you and your team members to use it effectively:

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