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Outlook Tip: Does Resend include the BCC addresses?

If you send an email with blind copies and want to resend to all recipients will reply to all go to the ‘blind addresses’?

Yes, when you use the resend command the message will be resent to everyone you originally addressed the message to, including BCC recipients, even though the BCC field may not be visible unless you remove their address before sending.

When you click Resend Message, the message opens and you can remove any addresses you don’t want to resend the message to. If you don’t see the BCC field on the form, show it, either using the Show fields button or by opening the Select Names dialog.

To add the BCC field below the CC field, switch to the Options tab then click the BCC button to add the field to the view and remove any BCC addresses you don’t want to resend the message to.

You can also view the BCC field from the Select Names dialog by clicking on the To  (or CC) button.

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