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Using Color Categories/Labels for Appointments in Calendar Outlook 2003

Creating and using categories (labels) in Outlook can help you determine the importance of appointments in your calendar at a glance.

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How to Drag and Copy an e-mail to Calendar as an Appointment in Outlook (Outlook 2003)

You can drag an email onto your calendar to create an appointment. This will allow you to set a reminder to follow-up on the e-mail.

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Lotus Notes 8.5 – Dock the “Open” List

The Lotus Notes “Open List” functions like a toolbar button by allowing you to quickly open up your mail, contacts, calendar, and other items. You can create shortcuts to items you use

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How to Add or Delete Attendees to an Existing Meeting Request in Outlook

Sometimes it is necessary to add or remove individuals in an existing meeting you have scheduled in Outlook.  This can be easily accomplished, and you can send the meeting update ONLY to the newly added/deleted attendees.  This will work in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.

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