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Document Links Toolbar or “My Places” in Windows XP

Utilizing the "Document Links Toolbar" in Windows XP can make saving documents in specific folders quicker and easier.   This video applies to Windows XP only.

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Search in Windows XP- How to use effectively

Downloading and using Windows Desktop Search can help you to find files and e-mails quickly and make you more productive.

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Search in Windows 7- How to use effectively

Using the Search feature included with Windows 7 can help you find folders, files, documents and e-mails quickly.

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How to Navigate Outlook Calendar (Outlook 2010)

Knowing a few navigation tricks can help you to be more effective when using your Outlook calendar.  This video is shown using Outlook 2010, but these tricks work the same in Outlook 2013..

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Desktop Shortcut Icons- Changing Icons

If you have created shortcuts on your desktop more than likely some of them use the same icon. For example: a shortcut to ANY folder (no matter the name of the folder) will always use the same folder icon. You can change the icon to easily differentiate between the shortcuts.

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