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How to Use Search in Outlook (2010)

By using the Search feature in Outlook 2010 you can quickly locate e-mails.  Search by: 

  • Sender’s name
  • Subject
  • Key words in e-mail
  • Enter more information to refine your search….
  • Example: Bill Jones ABC Company price list


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Changing Search Options in Outlook 2010

You can change the search options to customize Outlook 2010’s search feature.  This will eliminate some of the steps when you use “Search”.  In this example we will change the setting so that Outlook 2010 ALWAYS searches “All Folders” every time you execute a search.  The default setting is to search the CURRENT folder only.

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Windows 7 – Open Windows Explorer Full Screen

When navigating to find a file or folder it is usually easier to see more files and folders if Windows Explorer is open full screen.  By taking one extra step, you can ensure that Windows Explorer always opens in full screen.

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Using Search in Outlook 2003

With the tools provided by Outlook 2003 it can be easy to find just the e-mail message you are looking for.  You can do a basic search or used the "Advanced Find" feature.  This can be a great time saver.

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