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Lotus Notes 8.5 – Colorize e-mails From Specific Senders

You may want e-mails from specific senders to stand out in your Inbox. This could include e-mails from your boss, people you are working on a project with, or e-mails from important clients.

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Lotus Notes 8.5 – Dock the “Open” List

The Lotus Notes “Open List” functions like a toolbar button by allowing you to quickly open up your mail, contacts, calendar, and other items. You can create shortcuts to items you use

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Lotus Notes 8.5 – Use ‘Recent Contacts’ to Create a New Contact

Recent Contacts is a feature in Lotus Notes 8.5 that collects a list of contacts based on e-mails you send and receive. You can use “Recent Contacts” to create a permanent contact with just a few steps.

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Save Multiple e-mails in ‘Documents’ All At Once (Outlook 2010)

It can be a great time saver to save multiple e-mails in your 'Documents' folder at one time.  This will allow you to delete the e-mails from Outlook and free up valuable space.  The less you store in Outlook, the more efficient it runs.

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