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How to Force Text to Appear on a New Line Within a Cell (Excel)

When typing text into a cell in Excel you may have reason to start a new line. There is a keyboard shortcut to force the text on the next line in Excel. You can also separate existing text but putting cursor in…
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How to Use Index/Match Instead of Vlookup (Excel 2016)

Using Vlookup is a great tool, however if you add columns to your original table of data, you will have to create a new Vlookup formula. If you use Index/Match, you can add or remove columns without having to create…
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How to Use ‘Flash Fill’ or ‘Concatenate’ to Combine Multiple Columns into One (Excel 2013/2016)

There are times when you may have data in multiple columns that needs to be combined into one. You can use the ‘Concatenate’ function to easily accomplish this task. In this example we will take two columns that contain a first name…
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How to Import Contact Groups Received via e-mail (Outlook 2013/2016)

You can share Contact Groups (formerly Distribution Groups), with others using Microsoft Out-look. This tutorial will show you how to import a Contact Group that was sent to you via e-mail.
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