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How to Set up Shortcut to open a new e-mail (Windows 10)

It’s easy to set up a Desktop shortcut to open a new e-mail message quickly. You can then use the shortcut on your “Quick Launch Toolbar” and create a Keyboard Shortcut.  
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How to Print a To-Do list in Outlook (Outlook 2016)

After you sorted one of your Outlook folders (ex: “1-Actions to Complete” folder), you can print in “Table style”, to have a hard copy print out of the list of e-mails in the folder, sorted by priority. See additional tutorials on “How…
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How to Colorize e-mail messages from specific Domain or Company – Using Conditional Formatting (Outlook 2013/2016)

If you need messages in your Inbox (or any other folder), from a specific domain (i.e. or company, to stand out , you can use “Conditional Formatting” to color any messages from that domain or company. This process is shown in Outlook…
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