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How to Sort by multiple columns in Outlook (Outlook 2016)

There are several ways to view e-mail or contacts in Outlook You can sort by columns to organize information more concisely (2 columns in Outlook 2003 and up to 4 columns in Outlook 2007/2010/2013).
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How to Convert Plain Text e-mail to HTML (Outlook 2016)

Sometimes you may receive an e-mail that is in plain text format in Outlook. When you open the e-mail many of the features in the Ribbon are disabled. You can enable these features by converting the e-mail into HTML format. This will…
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How to Delete “Auto Complete” Entries that you don’t use in e-mails (Outlook 2016)

When filling in the “To:/Cc:/Bcc” fields in an e-mail message, Outlook will provide you with “Auto Complete” entries. This will be a list of e-mail addresses that are similar to what you are typing (e-mail address that you have used…
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How to Save Multiple e-mail Attachments at Once (Outlook 2016)

When you receive an e-mail with multiple attachments, you can save all the attachments at one time. The attachments will be saved in the location of your choice, using the same file names. This can be a great time saver. There are…
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