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Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL Speaks About His Favorite Productivity Tip

Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL was invited by Archipelago in their program called “12 Questions” and the 10th question, he mentioned how Steve Turner of Turner Time Management helped him and his company save at least one hour per day.


Here is the question and Gary’s answer:

10. What’s your favorite productivity tip for staying motivated and getting work done?

We found a company called Turner Time Management. Steve Turner teaches you to maximize the tools constantly being added to your software. Using these amazing shortcuts, you can save at least one hour per day when working on a PC. Think about that across the entire organization (minimum 12.5% improvement). I have worked on many, more expensive corporate initiatives that don’t return that much time to every employee. We all just need to find and use these productivity tools hidden sometimes in plain sight across the ribbon on the top of your screen.

Here is the link to his complete interview at “12 Questions”

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