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LinkedIn – Integrated Approach to an Efficient and Effective Sales Team

In continuing our discussion of Integrated Approach, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that provides you more opportunities to connect with customers and keep you and your company “top of mind” at no cost. It will, however, cost you time; so please allow me to give you a few initial recommendations:

Make an offer to “Connect on LinkedIn”:

  • On Sales Calls
  • Phone Calls
  • Conference Calls
  • e-Mail Exchanges
  • Trade Shows

Because our workforce is getting quite younger, you are going to want to use electronic forms of communications more and more. You should take advantage of our Digital Marketing & Social Media Guidance and Execution training in partnership with Parisot Marketing to help you navigate this landscape better and make more sales.

Do you have questions or comments?  Pleases send me an email ( and let me know.

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