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How to Insert Special Characters on Any Type of Document on Any Computer (Windows 8.1)

There may be times when you are using a program that doesn't have a command to insert special characters. Using the "Character Map" you can insert a special character (i.e. letters with accents for different languages), in any type of document.
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How to Open Outlook Calendar/Contacts in a New Window (Outlook 2007/2010/2013)

Tired of clicking on the navigation buttons every time you want to switch between your Inbox and Calendar? Right-click on any of the Navigation buttons and choose “Open in a New Window”, and you can keep your Calendar or Contacts open in windows of their own. They'll stay open while you deal with messages; simply use Alt-Tab to navigate between the windows.
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How to disable or enable Internet Browser’s AutoComplete History (Firefox)

If you would like to toggle the Autocomplete data such as usernames, passwords, web addresses, and search queries, on or off.  This tutorial will show you how to complete the steps for Firefox.
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