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Microsoft Teams Tips

Conducting Web Meetings, Live Events & Conference Calls

  • Know your “audience” expects to see you..
  • Test your Video and Audio Hardware in advance (look good and sound good)
  • A headset is always better than a laptop condenser microphone.
  • Create a custom background, or use one of the “stock” images or Blur Background.
  • Purchase Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing for anyone who will be setting up Webinars and/or Conference Calls.

Setting up and Managing Teams

  • Set up a Team for each of your Organization’s Departments; including Channels for all key information areas.
  • “Pin” channels you use frequently; they will be placed toward the top of the pane so you’ll be able to access them quicker. Just click the three-dot icon to the right of the channel name > Select Pin from the menu.
  • Hide Teams/Channels you are not using; left-click the three-dot icon to the right of its name, then click “Hide” from the menu. Note: you can’t hide the General channel of any team.
  • Set up private channels for sensitive/confidential information within a specific Team.

Using Teams to Reduce Internal email Volume

  • Instead of emailing an announcement to everyone, Post it in Teams by emailing it into the appropriate Team channel. Three-dot icon the right of the Channel > Get email address > Copy. Paste e-mail address into “To:” field of the email you want to post.
  • Collaborate on Presentations (PowerPoint), Agreements (Word), and Collections of results (Excel). These are just a few examples of what to collaborate on, real-time.

Quick Tips

Meet Now – create a web meeting right this moment: Teams > Calendar > Meet Now.

Live Events – creating events with a large group; meeting acceptances not required.

Share a chat from Teams to Outlook

Share a channel conversation from Teams to Outlook

Roll your Mouse Wheel to Shrink/Enlarge Your Chat and Tab Panels in Teams.


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