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PTRA upcoming 2021 conference in Orlando, FL – April 28- May 1, 2021

New technology available and how it can help PTRA members stay productive and leverage technology to their advantage.
Breakout session #1: 4/30, 9:00 – 10:00 am
Breakout session #2: 4/30, 10:10 – 11:10 am
Breakout session #3: 4/30, 11:20 am – 12:20 pm

In the workshop, we will be discussing strategies and go-forward plans based on your member’s business model and technology environments.  The focus will be on skills and core competencies your team members should be developing, including:

  • How to Manage E-mail in Less Time with Less Effort
  • Prioritize & Complete Action Items Quicker (Microsoft To-Do/Outlook/OneNote Tasks)
  • Improve/Optimize Note Taking & Organization (OneNote)
  • Time-Saving Best Practices for Meetings, Conference Calls and Webinars
  • Realize Sales & Better Forecasting Through CRM Adoption/Training/Coaching

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