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Password Management Training


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Did you know? YouGov reports that more than one-quarter of US consumers use the same password for most or all of their logins, a practice that’s sure to bring on the agitate for security experts. In addition, YouGov found that more than one-third of those surveyed said they had already had at least one of their accounts hacked, while 22% were the victims of identity theft. And in another blow to best practices, more than one-third reported sharing a password with a significant other.

At TurnerTime we have investigated a number of methods and products for managing passwords and we have developed a methodology to help you. RoboForm for Business is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses and government agencies around the world.

  • Sign up for RoboForm for Business.  Enjoy fully functional 14-day trial for up to 30 users.



This training series will help you be most effective with your password management method. The training package includes:

  • Three, One-Hour LIVE, interactive webinars
  • Implementation workbook
  • RoboForm Quick Reference
  • FREE 14 day trial on RoboForm for up to 30 users
  • Web coaching on more time-savings is optional

About RoboForm for Business
Your Enterprise Class Password Management Solution

How will RoboForm for Business help your company?
This software helps your company organize logins and passwords, making your password generation, storing, and sharing both easier and more secure.

RoboForm for Business eliminates forgotten passwords, loss of productivity caused by it, and costs related to their reset.

Why RoboForm for Business?
With 16 years’ experience and six million users as well as zero security breaches, RoboForm is the perfect password manager for you and your business.

RoboForm delivers complete security on all levels, by replacing the unsafe methods of password saving, and sharing that your employees are currently using.

Its features are built to directly address all critical points in the password cycle, starting from password generation, to storing, reuse, and sharing. Features like  Active Directory integration, and a full suite of policies, plus detailed reporting.

RoboForm offers premium support for all levels of business users and administrators via phone, online support system, and intuitive support content.

Ease of use is built into all stages of administration and usage. Deployment requires no learning curve and your employees will love our intuitive interface.

Pay only as much as you will use it. Its business licenses are sold as an annual subscription per user. Volume and multi-year subscription discounts are available.

Benefits of using RoboForm
Its clients report that RoboForm pays for itself in just a few weeks by drastically reducing, or eliminating, costs related to password resets.

RoboForm replaces all unsafe practices of password creation, storing, reusing, and sharing, thus reducing the risk of security and data breaches.

With RoboForm deployed, your employees will never again sit idle while passwords are forgotten, accounts blocked, and access denied.

Click the link below to check the strength of your passwords using the free online tool:

How Strong is Your Password?

Please note: When purchasing TurnerTime℠ Webinar, training and/or coaching services, once you have paid for your purchase, you will be e-mailed webinar availability so that you can select the date/time(s) that are best for you/your organization.  You will also receive the appropriate training workbook and shortcut references via e-mail.

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