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1:1 Web Coaching Packages Include:

  • Personalized One to One help with TurnerTime Coach.
  • You and your coach on the phone talking, going through your specific time management and technology challenges
  • For anything related to your Microsoft Outlook or your computer, your TurnerTime Coach remotely will access your computer (with your permission).
  • The focus is to help you realize your time-saving opportunities and gradually help you change your habits to improve efficiency.
  • We normally recommend having the sessions once every week or two (based on your availability).

Here are the different coaching blocks that will be available to your team members to have “Time & Technology” 1:1 coaching sessions with TurnerTime Coach.  Please click or tap the size of the block you want to purchase: 

⊕ Option A:   5-Hour Block:         $700 

⊕ Option B: 10-Hour Block:      $1,300

⊕ Option C: 20-Hour Block:      $2,500

⊕ Option D: 40-Hour Block:     $4,800

⊕ Option E: 60-Hour Block:      $7,000

⊕ Option F: 80-Hour Block:    $9,300

⊕ Option G: 100-Hour Block:  $11,600

Available Training, Coaching, & Seminar Subjects:

  1. Manage E-mail in Less Time with Less Effort 
  2. Find e-Mails & Files in Seconds. Every time. 
  3. More Effectively Manage Your Calendar/Time AND Effectively Managing Interruptions (Indistractability)
  4. Prioritize/Complete Action Items, Tasks & Projects Quicker (Microsoft To-Do/Outlook/OneNote Tasks)
  5. Don’t Type – Speak & Use Templates/Shortcuts Instead (Windows Dictation, Siri, etc.)
  6. Organize, Navigate, and Share Files/Documents from Any Device (OneDrive/SharePoint)
  7. Customize/Optimize your Windows 10/11, Mac, Android, or iOS (iPhone/iPad) Device
  8. Improve/Optimize Note Taking & Organization (OneNote)
  9. Create Quicker/More Professionally in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher
  10. Reduce Internal Email by up to 90% & Increase Productivity (Microsoft Teams/Microsoft 365)
  11. Time-Saving Best Practices for Meetings, Conference Calls, Webinars, AND Communication Etiquette
  12. Realize Sales & Better Forecasting Through CRM Adoption/Training/Coaching 
  13. Close More Sales & Prospects with “Social Selling”/Digital Marketing
  14. Microsoft Teams/365 Best Practices Training
  15. Working at Maximum Efficiency from Home & Increasing your Productivity When Traveling
  16. Passwords/Private Data Management
  17. Tailored Solutions: Power BI*, Power Automate*, Power Apps*, Lists*, Delve*, Project*, Sway*, or Loop*
  18. Executive/Management Coaching:  Manage, Lead, Grow Your Team (+ any topics above)
  19. Using AI in Your Business (Basic)
  20. Using AI in Your Business (Intermediate)* or (Advanced)*

Single Person Coaching Program


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Need extra assistance or help with specific time management/technology challenges?
Our personalized 1:1 web coaching can assist you in tackling any time management or technology topic.
The training package includes:

  • Six web coaching sessions (each session is 30 minutes). However, you can break them into 12, 15-minute sessions
  • 90 days priority e-mail/phone support

Please note: When purchasing TurnerTime℠ Webinar, training, and/or coaching services, once you have paid for your purchase, you will be e-mailed webinar availability so that you can select the date/time(s) that are best for you/your organization.  You will also receive the appropriate training workbook and shortcut references via e-mail.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or call us 855-778-8463 and we look forward to being of service.

Thank you,

Turner Time Management

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