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Are you interested in saving 1-2 hours each workday?

We help business executives and sales professionals to save time and effort while using their technology devices. With TurnerTime training, you are able to save 1-2 hours each workday and be more organized.

Here are our most popular Microsoft training programs:

Microsoft 365 Upskilling/Boot Camp Training

Group Training Webinar – Microsoft Teams

Becoming Even More Productive In Excel

Becoming Even More Productive In PowerPoint

Becoming Even More Productive In Microsoft Word

Becoming Even More Productive In Publisher

To Procure Microsoft Hardware:

Kevin can help assist you and your business in finding the right devices for you and your employees. They also offer discounting on purchase of 5 or more, including the new Surface Laptop 4.

Here is the contact details

Name: Kevin Konieczny
Direct Phone Number: 847-681-3289

If you are interested and want to discuss more, just send an email at or call 855-778-8463 and we look forward to being of service.

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