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How to Use “Eyedropper” to Match Custom Colors from an Object to Another Object or Text (PowerPoint 2013)

You can now match an exact color from an existing picture or object into a new object (or text) you insert in a presentation. In this example we will make the color of text match our company logo.
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How to Use the “Preview Pane” or “Details Pane” in File Explorer (Windows Explorer) (Windows 8)

In Windows 8 “Windows Explorer” (where you view the list of files on your computer) is now called “File Explorer” and it looks a little different. On the right side you have the option of seeing the “Details Pane”, the “Preview Pane” or turning both of them off. These settings are in the “View” menu (or “View” tab).
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How to Turn the Ribbon on/off in File Explorer (Windows 8)

In the new “File Explorer” (previously called “Windows Explorer), where you view the list of files/folders on your computer, there is now a “Ribbon” filled with commands just like the Office Programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.). You can turn the “Ribbon” on or off depending on your preference. There are two ways to turn the “Ribbon” on or off.
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How to Add World Clock Widget on Home Screen to Show Two Time Zones (Android 4.0 ICS)

You may want to see two time zones displayed on your Android phone, You can easily add a widget to the Home Screen and select two time zones to be displayed.
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How to Create and Use ‘Custom Views’ (Excel 2010 & 2007)

You may have a worksheet that contains some sensitive information that you don’t want to see on a print out. You can create “Custom Views” to make it easier to display only the information that you want seen.
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