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How to Create and Use Folders (iPad/iPhone)

When you start to accumulate a lot of apps on your iPad they can take up several Home screens.  You can save space and group apps together by creating a folder.  This tutorial will show you how to create the folder and add apps to the new folder. This process works the same on the iPhone. This process is shown on iPad using iOS 6. The process is almost the same on iOS 7. A new video for iOS 7 coming soon!

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How to Create a Home Page for Safari on iPad (iOS 6)

This video is only applicable to those who have NOT updated their iPhone/iPad to iOS 7 or 7.1 Please see additional videos for iOS 7 and higher. You cannot set a home page for your Safari browser on your iPad like you can on the browser on your computer. There is a work-around that you can use to open the browser to a web page you select. This video shows the process in iOS 6.0.

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How to Automatically Dial an Extension Number on iPhone

There are quite a few people in your contacts that probably have an extension that needs to be dialed when you call their office phone. Adding a pause in a phone number within a contact will allow the phone to dial the office number, pause, and then dial the extension number. In this example we will show you how to add an extension in an existing contact.  You can also add the extension in the number when you create a new contact. You may have to add more than one "pause" before the extension number to get it to work correctly.
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