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Recall your best words. Instantly, repeatedly and save 20%.

Do you type “Thank you”, or something similar, frequently?

With TextExpander, you can create a snippet, give it an abbreviation of .tu and next time you want to say Thank you, just type .tu and it will expand into the full-length text. It can be used in all of the workflows. From sending reports, onboarding and answering daily emails.

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TextExpander for iPhone & iPad

Type more with less effort on your iPhone or iPad! Expand custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text snippets. Grab your favorite snippets from your Mac!.

  • Type faster in every app
  • Play with other apps
  • Streamline your emails
  • Tweet and SMS directly
  • Fill in the Blanks

If you have support, technical or product questions, please email: TextExpander Support

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