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Mobile Technology Devices – “Know the Role” 4 – Tablets

This week’s as we are talking about tablets, we are referring to a “true” tablet like an iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. We are not talking about a hybrid device, like a surface pro or a dell 2 in 1, which we already covered a few weeks ago. The tablet can be a great tool, but unlike the smartphone, it might not be for every business professional. The reason is the tablet is best suited for viewing and/or sharing information quickly like:

  • Viewing web pages,
  • Watching videos,
  • PDFs,
  • Review of email,
  • eBooks, etc.

Like the smartphone however, it is not designed for in-depth email management or significant document editing or other activities that may require a mouse.

As a result, we strongly recommend not using the tablet when it will reduce your productivity because of the limitations such as:

  • No mouse,
  • Not a full size keyboard,
  • Smaller screen
  • Without full windows or Mac operating systems.

These limitations will typically foil efforts to make the tablet your primary technology device. Please consider these recommendations whenever you are looking to purchase a new device and contact us for questions or to schedule some one 1 one coaching to maximize your productivity on all your devices.

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