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Ashwin Kalia, President, Chaparral Technologies, Inc.

"Steve is a wiz with hidden tools of Outlook ad made tremendous improvement in my productivity with his coaching."

Bob Doscher, Owner, The Doscher Group

"Steve is an industry expert when it comes to Microsoft Office training and has excellent time management training. I consider his programs highly valuable for my profession."

Carl F Albrecht, CEO at PointManagement

Turner Time saved me an hour a day and lots of headaches.   Having to search for format text/ HTML so I can write or reply using bold or italics? more

Kyle Dantzer, Account Executive at Clover Technologies Group

Are you an inbox zero practitioner/believer? I’m always curious to know how people stay productive. Saw an article over the weekend that suggested that the guy who had invented more

Greg Hull, Principal. Dir of Residential Sales & Operations, H & H Prescott, Inc.

"Met Steve when he spoke at an American Lighting Assoc Convention. Learned some great skills, shortcuts and tricks that transformed my personal Mgmt skills."

Bob Hartpence, Owner, Ingredient Essentials, LLC

Steve, Recently I had to reset my laptop to factory specs to fix a problem and though my Acronis backup restored virtually everything it did not restore my email more

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