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Gordon Pauqette, G.P. Connections Inc.

"Steve has a great approach to teaching all levels of computer skills. He is quite capable of providing excellent tools for sales people to be more successful."

Jim Vitiello, CEO and President, Datasource, ink

"Excellent coach and leader, well worth engaging!"

Roberta Cetta, Gould Paper Corporation Inc

"I worked with Steve Turner while I was with United Stationers. He is a professional and knowledgeable sales person, with great follow up, and enjoyable to work with Rob Cetta"

Berl Black, Owner, Berl Black Services

"Steve has helped a mutual client vastly improve their MS Office skills via his coaching. Also, from my previous work with him, I know he has excellent marketing skills."

Jim Cashmore, President, ISK Industries Inc

"The ultimate professional that will help you become more efficient on your computer or phone"

Phil Samuels, Director of Sales & Marketing, North American Tool

"Steve is a great resource for "tips and tricks" to save time with your devices. He knows many shortcuts and you can apply many of them while you listen more

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