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Greg Hull, Principal. Dir of Residential Sales & Operations, H & H Prescott, Inc.

"Met Steve when he spoke at an American Lighting Assoc Convention. Learned some great skills, shortcuts and tricks that transformed my personal Mgmt skills."

Bob Hartpence, Owner, Ingredient Essentials, LLC

Steve, Recently I had to reset my laptop to factory specs to fix a problem and though my Acronis backup restored virtually everything it did not restore my email more

Lisa Bohan, Business Development Manager at Dot Foods, Inc.

I am incredibly thankful I had the opportunity to use Turner Time Management. Handling my inbox staying organized was something I truly struggled with. I 'm thrilled to say more

Amber Sloan, Events Coordinator, Maynard Cooper Gale

"Steve was fantastic to work with throughout the whole process. He was able to gather the necessary information and cater his talk to our attorneys. Our attorneys enjoyed his more

David Le Munyon, Regional Manager Foodservice, Smithfield Foods

“Thank you for your excellent help with the program. I learned a lot and it will definitely help make me more efficient and productive in my job and life!”

Charlie Hauck, President, Growth Dynamics, LLC

"I have a couple of shared clients with Steve and am able to see him operate and educate the people he works with. Steve untangles the mess that technology more

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