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Turner Time saved me an hour a day and lots of headaches.


  1. Having to search for format text/ HTML so I can write or reply using bold or italics? Solved.
  2. Having to point Outlook to my main “contacts” address list database every time I need to look someone up? Solved.
  3. Auto-fill not working for names in my contacts address list? Solved.
  4. Lose an email you were composing because you went to search something on the web and you didn’t “Pop Out” the email? Solved.
  5. Need to save the most important emails for eternity, but not in Outlook? Solved. (F12/ navigate to the Windows file desired/ save. Who knew? Steve did.)


He coached me through 20 menus, tic boxes, and hidden setups…. Solved all those problems… Over the PHONE without even looking at a screen. In 10 minutes!

We train on different applications, but the one we all use most – Outlook – has hidden utility and productivity you don’t even know about!

Call Steve.

Carl F Albrecht
8031 Monticello Avenue
Skokie, IL 60076
Mobile:  847.609.1855
Office:   847.329.8999 x211

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